Tribal Broadband

Learn, build, and connect with people bootstrapping Indigenous Internet networks.

Background image depicting an aerial view of the 2021 Tribal Wireless Bootcamp, in Southern California.

What is Tribal Broadband Bootcamp?

Many rural areas lack decent broadband Internet access, but the lack of availability in Tribal reservations is extreme. For decades, Tribes have been overlooked, ignored, and defrauded by telecommunications companies seeking to extract wealth from their people and land. Many Tribal leaders have concluded they need to build their own networks to ensure high-quality Internet access.

In 2021, a small group of people gathered in the southern California desert for the first Tribal Wireless Bootcamp. Organized by a loose collection of people with a long history of building and encouraging nontraditional broadband networks, the focus was on building, maintaining, and troubleshooting wireless networks in Indian Country.

The Tribal Broadband Bootcamp began as a conversation on how to build on the impressive work of the Internet Society's North American chapter in the Indigenous Connectivity Summit.

These events are being organized by Matthew Rantanen and Christopher Mitchell, along with many others who have made important contributions. Videos and reflections on the first Tribal Wireless Bootcamp are available here. Additional articles about these events have been published here, here, and here.

We are planning a series of Tribal Broadband Bootcamps slated to take place in 2022 that are focused on Tribal Broadband. If you want to join the conversation, use the form below to request an invite and stay informed about upcoming events.

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